[Pkg-dspam-misc] About dspam packaging

Julien Valroff julien at kirya.net
Wed Jan 20 16:49:18 UTC 2010

Hi Alexander,

Le mardi 19 janvier 2010 à 12:56 +0100, Alexander Wirt a écrit :
> Hi folks,
> for some customertests I had a look on the dspam package. In my eyes the
> package could need some love and a few uploads to get in shape for the
> upcoming release.

Actually, 3.9.0 was released last week ;)

> Do you need some help with the packaging?
> If yes, please add my user to the project so I can get svn access. 

I think we need help, as I feel nearly alone for now.

I do not have the admin rights on the Alioth project, but you can
already have a look on the experimental/development branches in the
project SVN.
I have taken the unstable branch as a basis and have worked on the
package as much as I could.
Binary packages for lenny (both i386 and amd64) are available from my
personal unofficial repository[1].

I plan to keep these packages up-to-date with the now active upstream
development, so that they are ready once the 3.9.1 version is released.

I have been using these packages for some months without problems, and I
think quite a lot of Debian users interested in DSPAM also use them, but
I couldn't test them in various situations, and would like to ensure
everything is ok with the parts I do not use myself.

I am also sure several improvements can be made.

I really wish someone could co-operate on this, as I want DSPAM to be
shipped in Squeeze.


[1] http://packages.kirya.net

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