[Pkg-dspam-misc] Bug#644392: dspam truncates mail

Stevan Bajić stevan at bajic.ch
Fri Oct 7 06:46:04 UTC 2011

 Hello Laurence and Julien,

> 2011-10-05 01:58:48 1RBGky-0007w4-3k <= 
> linux-omap-owner at vger.kernel.org H=mail2.jellyfishnet.co.uk 
> [] P=esmtps X=TLS1.0:RSA_ARCFOUR_MD5:16 S=6021 
> id=2A3DCF3DA181AD40BDE86A3150B27B6B03B4FB3EA2 at dbde02.ent.ti.com

> 2011-10-05 01:58:48 1RBGky-0007wE-9z <= 
> linux-omap-owner at vger.kernel.org U=dspam P=spam-scanned S=3591 
> id=2A3DCF3DA181AD40BDE86A3150B27B6B03B4FB3EA2 at dbde02.ent.ti.com

> 2011-10-05 01:58:48 1RBGky-0007w4-3k => guralp 
> <guralp at lwithers.me.uk> R=spamscan T=spamcheck

> 2011-10-05 01:58:48 1RBGky-0007w4-3k Completed

 this looks like Exim MTA to me. Right? I am not very fluent in Exim so 
 allow me to ask a bunch of questions.

 That "<=" and "=>" looks like the direction of the mail flow. "<=" 
 indicates inbound while "=>" indicates outbound. Right?

 If this is the case then I assume that the mail from 
 linux-omap-owner at vger.kernel.org on 2011-10-05 01:58:48 had a size of 
 6021 bytes when received by Exim. Right?

 And it was only 3591 bytes when again received by Exim from DSPAM. 

 Is it possible to tell what the size was/is when the mail got delivered 
 to DSPAM?

> begin routers
> # ...
> spamscan:
>   no_verify
>   condition = "${if and {{!eq {$received_protocol}{spam-scanned}} 
> {!eq {$received_protocol}{local}} } {1}{0}}"
>   driver = accept
>   transport = spamcheck
>   require_files = /var/lib/dspam:+/usr/bin
> begin transports
> # ...
> spamcheck:
>   driver = pipe
>   command = "/usr/bin/dspam --deliver=innocent --user $local_part -- 
> %u"
>   user = dspam
>   group = dspam
>   return_path_add = false
>   log_output = true
>   return_fail_output = true
 Ahh... yes. I see you mentioning Exim. So it is Exim.

 Anyway... when is that spamscan called and when is that spamcheck 

 I used piping to DSPAM in the past and had huge issues with it 
 (truncating messages and other stuff) and switched to using LMTP 
 delivery over a UNIX socket. Never had that kind of issues with LMTP 
 delivery. However... that was long time ago (3.4.x/3.6.x).

 DSPAM should not change the message content (except adding headers and 
 (by request) add a signature (either inline or as an attachment)). But a 
 size reduction by factor 2 (almost) is not right. That should not 

 Do you have the original mail (the 6Kb version) somewhere? In raw 
 format? Can you send it to me or post a link to it or attach it to this 
 bug report?

 Kind Regards from Switzerland,

 Stevan Bajić

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