[Pkg-dspam-misc] Bug#722484: Info received (libdspam7-drv-hash segfaults since 3.10.2+dfsg-10)

Thomas Preud'homme robotux at debian.org
Wed Oct 9 12:45:36 UTC 2013

Control: reopen 722484 mkl at blackshift.org

Le lundi 7 octobre 2013 23:01:47, vous avez écrit :
> Hello
> I've deleted "/var/spool/dspam/data" and let dspam deliver a mail, that
> produces this backtrace:
> #0  0xb6f118ec in raise () from /lib/arm-linux-gnueabi/libpthread.so.0
> No symbol table info available.
> #1  0xb6a5acf4 in __aeabi_ldiv0 () from
> /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabi/dspam/libhash_drv.so No symbol table info
> available.
> #2  0xb6a59b9c in _hash_drv_seek (map=map at entry=0xb57073d8,
> offset=offset at entry=16147856, hashcode=<optimized out>,
> flags=flags at entry=1) at hash_drv.c:1194 header = <optimized out>
>         rec = <optimized out>
>         fpos = <optimized out>
>         iterations = 0

Ok, this bug was very likely introduced with the patch I made to handle 
corrupted css file. Unfortunetely I don't have the time to fix the patch now. 
I'm very busy for a few weeks but I'll try to take a look at it as soon as 

Best regards.

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