[Pkg-escience-soc2009] [debian-vm-builder] What is your debian-vm-builder source code state ?

Stéphane Klein stephane at harobed.org
Mon Oct 18 18:30:56 UTC 2010


I've write about debian-vm-builder on French user Debian mailing-list.
Charles Plessy has speak to me about you Miguel. He said that you 
working on debian-vm-builder.

I've started to read the "debian-vm-builder" and "ubuntu-vm-builder" 
source code.
"ubuntu-vm-builder" source code have evolved and I begin to update 
debian-vm-builder source code with ubuntu-vm-builder changes.

What is the status of you work ? I've you a repository ? Have you 
already do the source code upgrade task ?

Thanks for your answer.


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