[pkg-eucalyptus-maintainers] Eucalyptus 2.0.3 build

Rudy Godoy Guillén rudy at stone-head.org
Tue Jun 7 02:35:51 UTC 2011

Hello, I'm subscribed finally. I'm currently the guy working for GSoC
project: Compute clusters integration for Debian development. Which means
using Eucalyptus for cross-building.

Over the weekend I've sucessfully built the Eucalyptus 2.0.3 offline version
from upstream. Although I haven't checked the debian-related patches you
could have done (cdn.d.n appears down), I observed many issues that might
need some work.

I have some comments:
- Do you guys have set a repo for the packaging bits?
- How will be versions handled, upstream says it's 2.0.3 but the changelog
isn't updated accordingly, so the resulting binaries are versioned 1.6.2.
- I've seen the work done by the Ubuntu people and I'm going to talk to them

Of course I'm willing to help on the team. I'll try to build from source for
armel this week, I've seen the Ubuntu guys already did. I'd like to know if
it works well.

best regards,

Rudy Godoy
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