[Evolution] need to upload new evolution-data-server packages.

Lawrence Walton lawrence at the-penguin.otak.com
Thu Dec 22 23:27:01 UTC 2005

Hi everyone!

I need to upload new packages to Debian/experimental to support
evolution-exchange. Upstream moved The exchange server communication
code into evolution-data-server under servers/exchange. And until
data-server reflects that I can't go any further.

I've added two additional packages within data server                   
"libexchange-storage and libexchange-storage-dev".                      

I am not a DD yet so I am at the mercy of someone else to upload these

I would like to get this first step out of the way, and it's impossible
to progress without it.

Source, diff, changes, binary i386 packages are at


I'd really not like this work go to waste, apathy is not a option. So
even if you hate the work, at least it has been done.


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