[Evolution] Bug#343987: needs evolution-plugins

dann frazier dannf at dannf.org
Mon Dec 26 02:10:45 UTC 2005

  I ran into this same problem, but just got around to looking into it.

I determined that I need evolution-plugins installed, then it just
works.  Though there is a way to get it to work, I'd still like to see
some change made to make this more obvious.  My reasoning being that
upgrading silently breaks junk filtering, even though evolution still
provides tweakable options that lead you to believe the junk filtering
capabilities are still included.

A note in the long description, README.Debian and/or NEWS.Debian might
work.  I also don't think the config options should appear unless the
plugin code is installed, but that's probably something that should
change upstream first.

Also, the evolution-plugins description contains neither the words
"junk" or "spam".

As an aside - maybe the spamassassin recommends should be moved to
evolution-plugins now, since evolution can't take advantage of it

dann frazier <dannf at dannf.org>

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