[Evolution] Bug#338331: The problem appears again

Andreas Ehn ehn at kth.se
Wed Feb 15 14:07:52 UTC 2006


The problem disappeared when I upgraded that machine to Evolution 2.4.
(I tried to send an e-mail to this bug about that, but it looks like it
was never recorded.)

However, now the problem has resurfaced on a freshly installed sid
machine. I only see English (American, British, Canadian) in the
language chooser.

Relevant installed packages:

	gnome-spell	1.0.6-3
	aspell		0.60.4-3
	aspell-de	0.60-20030
	aspell-en	6.0-0-5
	aspell-fr	0.50-3-6
	aspell-sv	0.50-2-5

These are the current versions in sid.


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