[Evolution] Bug#372501: Re 372501: evolution: better scrolling behavior in email list when nothing selected

Ross Boylan ross at biostat.ucsf.edu
Sat Jun 10 00:12:44 UTC 2006

This is just a note to clarify that case 2 is also an issue with evo

On Fri, 2006-06-09 at 11:06 -0700, Ross Boylan wrote:

> Scenario: Evolution is open in mail view.  The email list pane is down
> at the bottom (i.e., showing the last entries in the list). It seems
> to matter exactly how this happens: suppose you are viewing the last
> message and drag it into a folder by dragging the appropriate line in
> the email list to a folder.  (For example, I don't see the problems
> below if I click on the line for the last message and then ctl-click
> to deselect it).
> Case 1: Switch to a different application; then switch back (I had evo
> and the other app--evo help--full screen.  I don't know if that
> matters).  The list has now scrolled to the top.
> This behavior is very annoying, and is new in 2.6.  it happens also
> when switching back and forth between different desktop rooms in KDE
> pager.
> Desired behavior: the list stays put when the app loses focus.
> Case 2: A new message comes in.  In 2.4, the line for the message
> is below the visible area in the email list pane.  Given the current
> 2.6 behavior, there are bigger problems.  However, the 2nd part of
> this wish is that, rather than reverting to the 2.4 behavior one gets
In 2.6 if the last message is either really selected or pseudo-selected
(click on the line with the last message, then ctl-click) the same
problem occurs with new lines appearing below the visible field.
> Desired behavior: email list window scrolls down to continue to
> display the last message (in the email list, not necessarily in the
> message display pane).


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