[Evolution] Bug#373598: evolution: searching through message body dosn't work on spool dir

Øystein Gisnås oystein at gisnas.net
Thu Jun 15 23:27:59 UTC 2006

ons, 14,.06.2006 kl. 15.54 +0200, skrev Carsten Luedtke:
> I have set up an extra account for my local spool folder where system messages 
> arrive. But searching through the body or mail doesn't produce any hits. 
> However, searching for subject or sender works as expected.

I am not able to reproduce this here, but it may be possible if you
detail the description. Can you answer this?
- Does it happen on any other account? Try copy a message that should
have hit and use exact same query
- Does the query have any non-ASCII characters?
- I have all query types twice in the combo box (bug?), do you? Tried
- Any other special settings for the account?
- If you have many messages, it takes a while to search, are you sure
it's not that?

Hope we can come closer to the problem?

-Øystein Gisnås
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