[Evolution] Bug#347672: Could you please provide some more info on crash in evolution?

Heikki Henriksen heikkih at gmail.com
Thu Mar 23 21:24:59 UTC 2006

tags 347672 + moreinfo

Dear all.

All the reports of crashes in this bug that include the *glibc
detected*-error are not the same bug as the original report and should
have been fixed in the latest nmu's of evolution (,
evolution-data-server ( and gtkhtml3.8 (3.8.1-1.1). If
someone still get the *glibc detected*-bug in either evolution or
evolution-data-server, I would like you to open a new bug with the
relevant info. (note: the fixed evolution-data-server-package will go
out to the mirrors this night)

Now to the original bug-reporters: It would be really helpful for us,
if you could update this bug# with some more info:
* are you using imap/pop or local delivery
* are you using vfolders
* does it crash on mail/calendar/contacts or tasks

If possible I would also like you to try running evolution (and
evolution-data-server) under gdb and get a backtrace. More information
on how to proceed with this can be found at

Thank you.

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