[Evolution] Bug#359200: Bug in Evolution using address tool in mail composer

Fredrik Allerstam fredrik.allerstam at mc2.chalmers.se
Mon Mar 27 08:41:56 UTC 2006

Distribution: Debian testing/unstable
Package: Evolution
Severity: Normal
Version: GNOME2.12.3 2.4.x
Gnome-Distributor: Debian
Synopsis: Using the address window when editing a mail, can lock the
Bugzilla-Product: Evolution
Bugzilla-Component: Mailer
Bugzilla-Version: 2.4.x
Description of Problem:
When editing a mail and using Alt-t to specify where to send a mail can
lock up the program, if the keyboard shortcuts are used. 

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Edit a mail
2. Use alt-t to open the address dialog
3. use tab to get into the name area and arrow down to select a name
4. press space to move the name to the "To" area and the program locks
Actual Results:
The program freezes...

Expected Results:

How often does this happen?

Additional Information:
The error can be reproduced it slightly different ways, when trying to
select a contact. 

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