[Evolution] Bug#391022: Inbox subfolders not visible

David Weinehall tao at debian.org
Wed Oct 4 10:40:36 UTC 2006

Package: evolution-exchange
Version: 2.8.1-1
Severity: important

After upgrading evolution-exchange to 2.8.*, the inbox turns from
a folder with subfolders to just a folder.  I can no longer access
any of the subfolders contained in the inbox, since the fold-arrow
is no longer available.  When checking the folder properties,
the size indicates that the inbox size does not include the subfolders.

In my opinion, this makes the bug grave, but since I don't know
how common it is to have inbox subfolders, I'll mark it important
for now, since it works as long as you only want to access the e-mail
that it's immediate in the inbox.

On the bright side, evolution + evolution-exchange 2.8.* seems
blazingly fast compared to the version I ran before - 2.6.2...
But for now, I'm forced to downgrade, I'm afraid =(

Regards: David
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