[Evolution] Evolution 2.10 - missing vital feature: alarms get lost during 'power-off'

Ingo Steiner ingo.steiner at gmx.net
Sun Dec 16 20:33:55 UTC 2007

Dear maintainers of Evolution,

actually Evolution is a great piece of software, but one 'feature' makes
it almost unusable on a desktop-PC:

Alarms get de-activated when the system is shut down. So, if you have
missed an appointment/alarm while your PC was off and Evolution was
closed, you will never be notified about that missed date.

I would expect such missed alarms popping up on next boot and login, so
you are reminded about that missed date!

So do other PIM's like in KDE or Sunbird. The Evolution beheaviour may
be suited for running on a server 24/7, but not for a normal
desktop-system which is shut-down daily.

I did file a bug for that in Ubuntu Launchpad, but there is no reaction:
Also Debian-Lenny still has this bug.

With best regards,
Ingo Steiner

In a world without walls and fences we don't need windows and gates.

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