[Evolution] Bug#455806: evolution crash: some quick test results

Gilles van Eeden gillesvaneeden at orange.nl
Sat Dec 22 10:03:02 UTC 2007


I have the same or a very similar problem. The crash is highly
reproducable. I played around with the evolution config folder contents
for a while. The crash disappears when removing the 'et-expanded-mbox'
files. It then reappears ONLY if I open the folder Inbox first. After
restarting (evolution has written new config files), the crash happens
just like before.

Some info:

Debian release: 4.0 etch
GNOME version: 2.14.3
evolution version: 2.6.3
date of first occurrence: 2007-12-22

message on stderr:
gtkhtml-ERROR **: file htmlgdkpainter.c: line 111 (begin): assertion
failed: (gdk_painter->pixmap == NULL)

By the way, I made no system or application config changes after the
last successful run.


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