[Evolution] Bug#432209: Evolution Calendar crashes when altering event times

Trevor Curtis tcurtis at somaradio.ca
Sun Jul 8 13:29:37 UTC 2007

Package: libedata-cal1.2-5
Version: 1.6.3-5etch1

To Reproduce:
-Add an activity to the calendar and save
-'stretch' the activity via the 'day-view' to cover longer periods of
-though it doesn't crash everytime this is done, it will likely crash
some after repeating the above 5 times.

Unfortunately I don't have any more information to give other than this.
Nothing appears in any of my log files, and Gnome just comes up with a
dialog box explaining that evolution has crashed. If there's a way to
find debug code or the like I'll gladly look into it.

Trevor Curtis

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