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Fri Jul 13 00:00:18 UTC 2007

Dear Sir/Madam

I am glad to inform you about our new provision held in Hungary, in the heart of Europe. Since being in leading position in a company you have to know that the unimpeachable guise of an important person is not only proposed but also requisite nowadays. Our overture gives you the possibility to change your look and makes you more confident than ever.

Self-assured outlook starts at exquisite personal hygiene so not only a healthy but a dazzlingly lustrous denture can be the most indispensable key to the perfect complacency. If you are not totally satisfied with the plight of your teeth then I would like to draw your attention to our service.

The dental clinic we recommend offers to you one of the most developed medical and dental technique in Europe. Besides being the best in profession and speaking fluent English in the clinic all treatments cost 50-60% of the English ones including the cost of travelling, too! The perfectly trained dentists of ours are ready to treat you in any time by using the very best technological equipments like cirkon oxid or bego technology. It is important to accentuate that special private wishes are able to be accomplished easily and 3 years of fully comprehensive guarantee is given after all treatments.

If you avail yourself of our services you almost surely have to wait for the final curing up to one week on a par  technical support and treatment takes place in one edifice -  meanwhile you are able to visit and come to know some parts of Southern Hungary where you are able to enjoy the spa of Harkny and the excellent collection of wines in the region of Villny or more. This is not only a medical journey.

This is a help-and-enjoy opportunity.

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