[Evolution] legitimate transaction

Eugeny Baru ebaru11 at yahoo.com
Mon Mar 5 20:14:09 CET 2007

Good day to you.

I am Eugeny Baru. And I represent Platon Lebedev the former director of
Group MENATEP, a holding company with diversified assets of US$20
billion, primarily in oil and gas, mineral fertilizers,
telecommunications and information technologies, and banking and
financial services. Group MENATEP, you should know is also the
controlling shareholder of YUKOS Oil Company in Russia.

Now, I have a very sensitive and confidential brief from my client to
ask for your partnership in re-profiling a certain amount of money.
Precisely US$10.2 Million.

I do not wish to divulge details until I hear positively from you. In
summary however the money is coming via Bank Menatep.

This is a legitimate transaction. You will be paid 10% for your
"Management Fees". If you are interested, please write back by mail and
provide me with your telephone numbers and possibly your fax number and
email address.Then I will provide further details and instructions.

It goes without saying that a transaction of this nature and size should
be treated in utmost confidence. Indeed I will go further to say that it
should be kept entirely to yourself. We cannot by any means, afford more
political problems.

I will well appreciate a speedy reply to this communique as I will like
to conclude this matter as quickly and quietly as possible.

I do look forward to it.

Evgeny Baru

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