[Evolution] Bug#412082: evolution: reply to all does not reply to all

Øystein Gisnås oystein at gisnas.net
Sun Mar 11 01:10:25 CET 2007

2007/2/23, michael <linux at networkingnewsletter.org.uk>:
> I have a message with the header (with domain name hidden):
>                               From:
> Geoff <geoff at XXX.co.uk>
>                                 To:
> michael bane
> <michael.bane at YYY.ac.uk>
>                                 Cc:
> michael at ZZZ.org.uk
> and I would expect "Reply to all" to put Geoff at XXX in the To field, and
> michael.bane at YYY and michael at ZZZ in the CC field, however evolution
> gives just Geoff at XXX

Can you share one of the messages that trigger the bug? I'm not able
to see the problem on my messages (in fact, this email is written with


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