[Evolution] Bug#412081: Viewing messages always jumps to EOF

Øystein Gisnås oystein at gisnas.net
Sun Mar 11 18:02:12 CET 2007

Package: evolution

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2007/2/23, David Murn <davey at incanberra.com.au>:
> Package: evolution
> Version: 2.6.3-3
> Severity: minor
> When viewing mail in evolution, everytime a message is diaplyed, the
> window viewing the content of the message scrolls to the lower right
> corner of the message.  This fault is nearly 100% reproducable, there
> are only rare occasions when the message is shown from the top (so
> headers are displayed).  Infact, the only time I have seen this error
> not occur, was when I had a duplicate message in my inbox, and after
> jumping to the top of the first message, when I selected the duplicate
> from the inbox list, it displayed from the top.
> Also, slightly related, the 'official' bug reporting option in the help
> menu was completely broken, hence filing a debian bug against the
> package.
> This seems to happen with both text and HTML email, despite my having
> turned off every instance I can find to not display HTML content.

For mailing lists, and other threaded discussions, it is common to
write the reply below the previous message. This has several
advantages. Since new text then appear at the bottom, it may be
convenient that the client jumps to the bottom right away. This
feature has the name "caret mode". It is a matter of taste if this a
good feature, but since it is configurable, Evolution will keep it.

The question is if it by default should be on.

Øystein Gisnås

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