[Evolution] From Dr Royle Joseph

Dr Royle Joseph jo_yole at navegante.com.sv
Tue Mar 27 01:06:05 UTC 2007

>From Dr Royle Joseph
The Auditor/Head
of Department
Bank of Scotland,
United Kingdom
I discovered a dormant account in my office on a
routine work, as Auditor General with Bank of Scotland
UNITED KINGDOM.It will be in my interest to transfer this fund
worth £15,000,000(Fifteen Million  Poundssterlings) in an 
offshore.Remember this is absolutely confidential.
The owner of this account is Mr Kurt Kahle died in July, 2000,
a foreigner and the Manager of petrol chemical ,a chemical 
engineer by
Proffession and  the account has no other beneficiary And my
Investigation proved to me as well  that his company does not
know Anything About this account.
Also Information from the National Immigration states that
he was also single on entry into the UK. See this 
http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/europe/859479.stm for 
more information about his death.
 Remember to keep this business with you,because my
bank does not know about this,and i will be in trouble
as well as loose my precious job,at At the conclusion
of this business you will get 30% of the total sum,65%
will be for me and the remaning 5% will be expenses that
both parties might inncure in this business..If you are 
interested i will be glad to have the following,
you full name and phone and fax numbers.Thanks and i 
look forward for your response via my email for more
details.Best Regards,
Dr.Royle Joseph.
Auditor General

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