[Evolution] Bug#417094: still does not show decrypted emails

Marius Mikučionis mmikucionis at gmail.com
Tue Jun 3 12:56:01 UTC 2008

The bug with encrypted emails still persists in evolution=2.22.2-1
with exactly same symptoms:
1) evolution refuses to show decrypted email if senders public key is
not imported
2) when senders public key is imported evolution still claims that the
email is not signed.

It is very annoying because:
1) I cannot read the email right away, especially if it's important,
and it is important if encrypted.
2) most of the time I have to ask for the public key explicitly from the sender
(few of them are aware of public key servers), this generates emails,
takes unecessary time and
makes you look stupid for using this email client.

it's been more than a year now, 14 minor version increments and
nothing happened.
hello? anyone?

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