[Evolution] Bug#590113: evolution: Option to suppress viewing of HTML only email no longer works

Tixy debianuser at tixy.myzen.co.uk
Sat Jul 24 09:38:37 UTC 2010

On Sat, 2010-07-24 at 07:42 +0200, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
> Thanks for your bug report, but that does look like an upstream issue,
> please file the bug directly upstream, as reportbug should have told
> you.

OK, I've submitted it upstream:

Reportbug didn't really give much guidance on where to submit bugs. The
only place upstream was mentioned was as an option under "Do any of the
following apply to this report?", where 'upstream' was defined as "This
bug applies to the upstream part of the package". I wasn't exactly sure
what that meant or if it applied, so didn't select it.



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