[Evolution] Bug#549451: PLEASE FIX THIS

Dominique Brazziel dbrazziel at snet.net
Mon Nov 15 06:00:18 UTC 2010

	For the love of GOD, this is obviously a BUG
in Evolution.  It takes people HOURS to figure out
why they can't send/receive email when they set up
their accounts and it's all because of one shitty package
(Evolution) asking another shitty package (network manager)
whether or not the machine is online.

	The various workarounds mentioned in the upstream
bugs DON'T WORK.  The '--online' switch mentioned in 
'evolution --help' DOESN'T WORK, evolution still starts up
offline EVERY TIME.  Worse yet, when the user attempts to 
do due diligence and inspect what is going on, he/she finds
that the diagnostic switch '--debug=FILE' DOESN'T WORK.

evolution --online --debug=~/logs/evolution.log

(evolution:30170): evolution-shell-WARNING **: Could not set up
debugging output file.

	Stop consulting network-manager to find out the 
status of the network, Pidgin has a startup option to do just that.  
Network Manager doesn't manage wired connections by default anymore.
Network Manager, gnome-keyring, all these components that are
supposed to make things easier and more secure for the user
end up doing EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE because they don't work out
of the box and end up being such an enormous CLUSTERFUCK the
user/administrator throws up his hands and after spending hours just
trying to get a fucking e-mail account set up.  I guarantee you
I've spent 100 times more time wading through endless bug reports
about this then it's taken me to install and setup a bunch of
OE accounts.  

	Stop treating the people that file these reports 
with condescension or worse yet, ignorance.  If people take the
time to open these reports they know what they are doing, and 
it's sad when they know more than the maintainer.  
"I don't use network-manager" is NOT A HELPFUL RESPONSE.  We'd all like
to rip out network-manager but we CAN'T, so you, the maintainer,
should get busy trying to fix this.

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