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Island For Sale in Portugal

Povoa Mouchão Private Island For Sale.
Island are located in the river Tejo, Lisbon of Portugal EXPO.
Islands near the coast close to the 300 m.
Povoa Mouchão 1.214 acres.

And ideal for the Tourism / holding investment projects.
Google location: Mouchão da Póvoa Island 

Slow-Povoa do Mouchão Island


The Island of Mouchão da Povoa, is geographically situated in the basin of the Tagus River, about 300 meters from the north bank of the river, administratively belongs to the Municipality of Vila Franca de Xira, has a length of 16 km long, frankly located amount of the Western Lisbon - Nations Park, is located only 6km from the International Airport of Lisbon, has an extensive road network accessibility, served by the motorway linking the north to the south of the country, internal and external networks circular Lisbon and the main rail network in the country 

The island has unique characteristics, Avoca as a set of potential business that within a broad management can integrate the following areas: 

Ecological tourism in tourist complex theme due to its extensive native fauna, both of fowl or of marine species, which highlights the fact that the migratory route of birds between continents, known among biologists experts around the scientific world, as can be seen in several million Web users; 
Turismo de Charme, in a complex with high standards, integrating areas of leisure and sports elite sports training center, while still allowing water sports in this area with the establishment of a marina, golf course, spa with thermal springs of water use and sludge treatment, several other sports; 
Park Residential patterns in the characteristics of construction sites; 
Senior Residential Park, with the use of environmental characteristics and the local micro-climate; 
Exploitation of fish farming, and sea area bordering the island and hows its canals, considered a natural motherhood, with a high exploration and high profitability, due to the logistics facilities of the distribution network as well as the market absorption capacity of the species native; 
Exploitation of water quality standards for drinking or for therapeutic purposes, with references and international awards of distinction, that is due to their location, mixed aquatic filtration and specific portion of land currently is disabled; 
Possibility of developing a park for the production of Photovoltaic Energy, with very high production capacity; 
Continued operation of existing rural, grain, livestock with breeding horses, other animals; 
Other areas of interest to potential investors; 

The island in its full composition has 1,214 ha, 860 ha of exploitable, the difference is specified in channels, specific areas of sludge and submerged area with the tides. 

The Indices of land are provided in the PDM, and appointed by: 

Existing built area of 25,000 m2, installed and registered in the seat of the Conservatory, with matrix items themselves, with the possibility of increasing by 20%, which can already be a project based on 36,000 m2, with approval within 12 to 18 months. 
It is noteworthy that there are buildings that are not registered, not specified in articles, which will increase the amount of construction authorized, including warehouses, chapel, etc. .. 
In addition to the existing building is made possible construction and occupation of land with a rate of 0.003% of the total area, projects to be presented. 

The island is disqualified from rural and exclusive protection and may be authorized to be used for another purpose, if approved in its own office and within the limits imposed by the PDM, and established in the Daily Republic. 1. Series, No. 228, November 24, 2008. 

You have the possibility for independent energy resources, with the implementation of projects of self-reliance and autonomy of water supply. 

The connection with the island's north shore will be made by sea, by boat or vessel for this purpose and may in the near future to establish a bridge to the effect, of which there is a feasibility study and its materialization. 

The official entities, including the Municipality of Vila Franca de Xira, Ministry of Tourism, as well as others, see in this space, the possibility of integrating projects of national interest (PIN) for their economic and strategic importance of valence 

The promoters of this project may also apply for specific funds: 

Regional development funds. 
Funds to support sports projects.

the island belongs to my family. 
More information, price, official documents.
Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any question.

O Senhor fará tudo por mim. Senhor, teu amor dura para sempre: não abandones as obras de tuas mãos! 
Best Regards
Aurelio Guapo
+351 918581285
aguapo at aguapo.com


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