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Tue Jan 11 19:54:59 UTC 2011

Good Day,

It is my pleasure to introduce my person to you, I am Dr.James Leemera, I worked and retired from the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
(OPEC) as Crude Oil Production Allocation Controller at its Head Quarters Vienna Austria.

While, I was in the office as Crude Oil Production Allocation Controller to all Member Countries. Plenty of funds were passed to me secretly by most member States to cover their surplus or extra productions, based on this I have funds
scattered in most African countries and some Arab Emirates.

Therefore,I would appreciate to use you to collect the funds, since I can’t come out so openly to collect the funds in my name, the funds will be invested in exotic Properties and in any other profitable ventures.

All investments will be in your place under your honest care,after
you might have removed 25% for your due compensation for your services, please note that you will only be acting as an appointed crude oil sales agent or facilitator, so the payment documentations will be legally processed in your names.

Please, confirm immediately your honest interest to proceed with me as the wire transfer will be in line with International banking regulations, so that I could oblige you with more detailed information on how to proceed.

Dr.James Leemera

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