[Evolution] I assume you and your family are in good health!!

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I assume you and your family are in good health.
I am the Foreign Operations Manager at one of the leading generation bank herein Burkina Faso West Africa. This being a wide world in which it can bedifficult to make new acquaintances and because it is virtually impossible toknow who is trustworthy and who can be believed, i have decided to reposeconfidence in you after much fasting and prayer. It is only because of thisthat I have decided to confide in you and to share with you this confidentialbusiness.
In my bank; there resides an overdue and abandoned huge amount of money. Whenthe account holder suddenly passed on, he left no beneficiary who would beentitled to the receipt of the amount. For this reason, I have found itexpedient to transfer this currency to a trustworthy individual with capacityto act as foreign business partner. Thus i humbly request your assistance toclaim this amount.
Upon the transfer of this amount in your account, you will take 45% as yourshare from the total currency, 10% will be shared to Charity Organizations inboth country and 45% will be for me. Please if you are really sure you canhandle this project, contact me immediately for details of the amount involved.
I am looking forward to read from you soon.Mr.Rashid Mufallah
Your Good friend,
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