[Evolution] evolution: squeeze to wheezy

Carlos Pasqualini deblists at carlospasqualini.com.ar
Wed Feb 27 10:46:35 UTC 2013

Hi people!

i'm having trouble updating my system to wheezy.

I'm testing on VMs with disposable emails, but not having good results:

The steps i'm using are:

1) on a VM, fresh install of squeeze; /home on another disk
2) setup a pop3 account on evolution, preserving mails on server
3) download some mails
4) create a backup from evolution
5) disable email checking (1) and halt
6) fresh install (on VM) of wheezy with the same /home mounted
7) open evolution
8) downloaded mails are lost. Contacts, config and other info OK but
emails are missing.
9) try to restore backup but the e-mails didn't have restored.

is there any known way to make this upgrading without loosing all my

on my 'production' evolution i have mails since i have started using
evolution in debian (didn't remember if it was potato or woody... but
long time ago, and i don't want to loose them)

i cannot find any bug report on bugs.debian.org nor bugzilla.gnome.org
so i think that it's just that i am doing something wrong

i cannot find any document in the Debian website
nor /usr/share/doc/evolution documenting this behaviour

Best regards / Saludos

Carlos Pasqualini

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