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Shamil kudairy11 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 10 16:01:06 UTC 2013

Hello very expensive,
Let me inform you of my desire to communicate with you,

I called Ms. AL-WAFA Shamil ABDELAZIZ KUDAIRY Iraqi nationality and I am in Libya, 
I lived with my husband here in libya. My husband was a close adviser of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.

My husband was killed by the rebels during the bombing aimed at overthrowing Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
Since his death I am between life and death, I am still the same dramas and I want to leave this country, but I need your help and cooperation.

During his lifetime, my husband asked me to follow the filing of a parcel in a surveillance society and preservation of private property in West Africa that is a trunk which contained the sum of 2,500,000$ dollars (two million five hundred thousand U.S. dollars).

He asked me to make this deposit in my name and make him the report because it has my name would invest in Africa so he wanted discretion and security for that property. Asked me It codified the package as being a good family for safety reasons this background.
Similarly, the company is not aware of the contents of the package because the package was coded as a family asset and therefore private. I come to you to seek your assistance to help me remove the trunk so I join you for investment I want you to know that what I do is known person and this is for my safety.

Understand that I am ready to give you your share ie 15% of the sum after the transfer of the trunk you. I hold all the information and documents of the existence of this property.

I want you to tell me whether you want to help me so that I can forward the information on this property and the company who has custody so that you get in touch with them to make you send the parcel.
Also know that giving an address to the company safe Guarding they will deliver the package. certificate of deposit is not the beneficiary's name and it will be easy for you to remove this package because it is enough that you show as my partner with the documents I will send you.

I want everything that I told you remains secret to ensure my safety and the safety of the property when I am home.

I await your response.
Thank you for your understanding.
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