[Evolution] CAN I TRUST YOU?

Bakara Wachiri bwachiri at yahoo.com.my
Wed Jan 16 09:00:21 UTC 2013

Dear Friend,
I write this message to you with a burdened heart and tears in my 
eyes. My Name is Bakara Wachiri from Syria . I am confident that the recipient 
of this message should endeavour to read this message thoroughly and 
wholeheartedly accept to fulfil my last wish before i die. I do not have any 
option to a better solution than to inform you about this great a task 
Firstly, I am married to Mr Fara Wachiri.A gold 
merchant who owns a small gold Mine in Burkina Faso. He died before the uprising 
in Syria began in mid-March 2011. He died of a Cardiovascular Disease.We were 
married for Eleven years without a child. Since his death, I decided not to 
remarry. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of US$ 7.2m (Seven 
million two hundred thousand dollars) in a bank in Ouagadougou the capital city 
of Burkina Faso in West Africa. Presently this money is still in the bank 
without claim. He made the money from gold exportation around the world.

Recently i was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The one that disturbs 
me most is my stroke illness. My doctor confidentially told me i have less 
chance to live. Having known my condition I decided to hand over to you this 
money to give to charity homes and the less-privileged. You will utilize this 
money the way I am going to instruct you…….
You will take 30 Percent of the total money for your personal use 
While 70% of the money will go to charity and the orphanage. I grew up as an 
Orphan and the Family relations are all killed during the uprising when their 
were fleeing from the Country. If this money remain unclaimed before or after my 
death, the bank executives or the government will take the money as unclaimed 
fund and maybe Use it for selfish and worthless ventures.
As soon as i receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the 
bank in Burkina Faso for the claim. I will also provide to you a copy of the 
legal certificates Required to claim the fund and a letter of authorisation that 
will prove you are the Present beneficiary of the money. Significantly, if you 
assure me that you will act Accordingly as stated. You can be the lucky 
I am hospitalised in Noida hospital in India.I write to you by the 
assistance of a nurse in the hospital.Note that this task requires urgent 
Yours hopefully,
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