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Shareef Abdul Badi test at menorcagold.co.uk
Mon Jan 6 01:27:35 UTC 2014

My dear this is for real, Please get back to me.
Before I proceed, I must first apologize for this unsolicited mail to you. I am aware that this place is certainly not a conventional way of approach to establish a relationship of trust, but you will realize the need for my action. 
I got your contact email address through my research and out of desperation decided to reach you through this medium to ASSIST me receive the sum of US$2.5Million (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars kept in one of the top banks in US.
I am Barrister Shareef Abdul Badi, I am a citizen of Hong Kong, and we work here in United States. Unfortunately my late client Engineer Khalid Sylvia and his family was among the victim of the Bhoja Air flight crash  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bhoja_Air_Flight_213  that happened on the 20th of April 2012 as he traveled to Pakistani, we both live here in the state, Khalid Sylvia work here as he live with his family also here in the state, I am aware he has a reasonable bank account with the Bank of America.
Am so lucky that the bank officials who knew about the funds and my relationship with the decease, they are nice people and really want to help me and have kept the information of the funds strictly confidential and have advise me that if I cannot get any member of his family, I should source for good investor that will receive the funds on my behalf for investment to avoid any confiscation.
My dear, this is not a joke, I have all the paper works and with my legal right I will make you the next of kin and the bank will release the money to you. Let’s get to know each other, I promise 100% risk free and we shall have a good relationship, I will do my best and the funds will be release to you as Mr. Khalid Sylvia’s relatives rather next of kin.
I will be willing to offer you some good percentage out of the total fund if only you will receive this fund and keep it for us. Please note that honesty is the watch word in this transaction. I will require your full Names, address, telephone and Occupation, so that I can forward to the bank as I start the processing of all requirements, so that the bank can commence communication with you. In case you don’t accept this offer please do not expose my mail. Be kind to get back to me, if you are not interested so that I can further my search for another partner.
Get back to me and I will give you more proofs of the business and for private contact.
Thanks for taking this offer and opportunity.
Barr Shareef Abdul Badi
For: Principal Attorney

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