[Evolution] Bug#728836: patch available upstream

Brent S. Elmer Ph.D. webe3vt at aim.com
Sat Jan 11 15:44:59 UTC 2014

This bug has made evolution useless for me.  According to the upstream
bug report, this problem has been fixed in the 3.10 version.  There is a
3.10 in debian experimental but it won't install due to dependency
issues.  I have a jessie system.  To try and install the 3.10 version
from experimental, I load the testing, unstable, and experimental
repositories in my sources but it still says there are unresolved
dependencies.  Is there any way to make the experimental version

If there is no way to install the 3.10 version, according to the
upstream bug report, there is a patch for the 3.8 version that fixes the
problem.  Would it be possible for someone to install the patch?

My upstream bug report 711549 has been marked as a duplicate of 704513.
The patch is in the 704513 bug report.

It would be great if some progress could be made on this bug one way or
the other.  Evolution has been broken for a long time and 3.8 has been
considered obsolete upstream for a long time.  

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