[Evolution] Bug#763948: closed by Jelmer Vernooij <jelmer at samba.org> (Fixed python-weberror uploaded)

peter green plugwash at p10link.net
Fri Oct 10 23:33:38 UTC 2014

> This isn't a bug in evolution-mapi, 
It's a bug in the same sense that a FTBFS due to a bug in a compiler or 
other tool is a bug. The root cause isn't in your package but 
nevertheless your package is unfit for release until/unless it is dealt 

> I don't think this is a useful use of the bug tracker.
Well after being left to rot for months 735237 was finally fixed four 
days after I filed this bug. I can't tell for sure if that was a result 
of this bug report or not but I have my suspiscions.

For binary dependencies there are mechanisms to first warn matintainers 
and then to automatically kick packages out of testing when the packages 
they depend on are kicked out hence delivering a stark warning to fix 
the issues or be excluded from the release.

But there are no such automatic mechanisms for build-dependencies so bug 
reports have to suffice. It's better that the maintainers (and 
ultimately if the issue continues to be left to rot the users) of 
evolution-mapi find out now than during the post-freeze rebuild tests.

Note that I generally only file bug reports like this if the root cause 
bug is in a seriously undermaintained package and/or being left to rot.

> In particular, this bug introduces extra lag in getting the new evolution-mapi into
> testing, since we have to close this bug after a fix for 735237 is uploaded. 
evolution-mapi is already at the same version in testing and unstable, 
so the only way this would cause extra delays is if the issue continued 
to be left to rot for long enough that your package also got kicked out 
of testing.

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