[Evolution] Bug#665409: Upstream reports fixed in 3.3

Tom tom at prost-net.de
Wed Apr 8 11:55:50 UTC 2015

Hi Evolution-Maintainers,

I know I'm pretty late, but please let me ask a simple question: Due to
my distro I'd be stuck with Evolution 3.2.3 which seems to be not that
reliable as I'd need it - e.g. in the calendar module and the contact
editor often crashes :-(

And the attached database is doing annoying things with the nntp server
(as trversing the complete hierarchy, adding and dropping tables for
each group, not only the groups that I have subscribed) on quitting
evolution :-(

Has there been a Debian package for Evolution 3.3 ?
I'd really like to do a manual upgrade. Where can I find more info ?

As I'm now subscribed to the list with my private account this message
should appear in my inbox as well ?

... so forget about that: I'm not subscribed to the list here, I found
this in the list archives. Do I have to subscribe to get an answer or
can you answer private - subject is dead old in any case. 
Thomas Prost
<thomas.prost at rwth-aachen.de> 
RWTH Aachen University
Tom <tom at prost-net.de>
ProstNet - Tom

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