[Evolution] Bug#783939: evolution-rss: Evolution crashes when trying to add RSS feed

Lars Luthman deb-bugs at larsluthman.net
Sun May 3 09:28:06 UTC 2015

After having looked at the source code, the problem seems to be that
evolution-rss copies internal data structures from evolution-data-server
in order to access its proxy settings (for example the struct
_EProxyPrivate is defined both in evolution-rss/src/rss-evo-common.c and
in evolution-data-server/libedataserver/e-proxy.c).

These data structures, being internal and not part of a public API, have
changed in evolution-data-server since they were copied, with the effect
that evolution-rss interprets the binary representation of a boolean
value as a pointer and tries to dereference 0x1, which causes this
particular crash. 
Fixing it properly would probably require a massive rewrite of at least
the proxy handling part of evolution-rss.

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