[Evolution] Bug#771891: [evolution] IMAP messages fail to download until deleting cache

Nicolas DEFFAYET nicolas at deffayet.com
Mon Sep 14 15:39:32 UTC 2015

On Wed, 3 Dec 2014 10:29:54 +0100 "Michael V. DePalatis" <depalatis at phys.au.dk> wrote:

> IMAP messages would for some reason no longer be downloaded without any
> kind of error message to indicate a problem. New messages could be
> viewed in other clients, however. Deleting the local cached mails in
> $HOME/.cache/evolution/mail forced re-downloading all messages,
> including the ones missing from before clearing the cache.

I have the same issue and clearing the "cache" don't fix the problem as the missing messages issue re-appear after.

I had cleared the "cache" by doing:

rm -r -f .cache/evolution/mail/*
rm -r -f .cache/evolution/tmp/*
rm -r -f .config/evolution/mail/*
rm .local/share/evolution/mail/vfolder/folders.db


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