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Hello Mrs / Mr Très Cher.

Sorry in this way to contact you because we did not know each other, I have just perceived your profile and I said to myself that you are the person whom I need.

In brief, I am called HENRITA PIERES, of French origin and I at the moment in Burkina Faso for my health. I am the wife of the ex ambassador of France to Burkina Faso and my husband died in 2012. Now I am sufferring from a grave disease which sentences me to a certain death which is the cancer of throat, and I have a 7.9 million dollar sum a donation of which I would want to make for one person of confidence and honest so that he makes good use. I am an owner of a company of export of cocoa in France, and I lost my husband there is of it 3 years old, what affected a lot me and I was not able to remarry until this day, we had no children, because my husband was very sick.

I would want to donate, before died me, because the doctor let me know that I do not have luck anymore to live for a long time with this disease which is only deteriorating from day to day. Since the advance of my state I traveled several big countries in search of definitive remedy, and I also consulted several big specialists of the cancer, but it was only improving my state and not curing me totally. I crossed all my existence to dedicate myself to my work and to amass fortunes, without opening me to the world.

I always lived in the solitude since the death of my husband. Then at the moment, I would not want to die by leaving this sum with the profile of the bank here in Burkina faso, without any justifiable beneficiary, that's why I writes you in it days to announce you my work, which is to make you benefit from these funds, while being conscious that we do not know each other. I shall learn to know you and to make you a complete narrative of my life so that you understood better.

My Private E-mail: .......................................................................

Contact I by e-mail svp I hope to have an answer of you immediately possible for this life Godly project.

Thank you.
Mrs.Henrita PIERES

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