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The 1st Cebu Security Summit February 27 - 28, '07
SM Conference Hall, Cebu City  |  9am-5pm
Fee: P2,995 (working professionals)  |  P1,995 (students)

Seminar Topics:
 Ethical Hacking  | Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator  
|  Wireless Security  |  Network Security

What You Will Receive:
Four Seminar Certificates (1 for each topic), Four Seminar Handouts (1
for each topic), 
am/pm snacks, Corporate Give-away, Training Discounts, Chance to Win
FREE Training, Discounted Membership in the Knights of the Web
To Register:
Please email roselle at globalknowledgeph.com;
romalyn at globalknowledgeph.com
Call: (632) 683-0969 |  637-3657  | 0918-4733083  |  0921-5328150  |
(032) 232-1257
Visit: www.globalknowledgeph.com <http://www.globalknowledgeph.com/>  
Global Knowledge Associates and its IT security partners will hold the
1st Security Summit Seminar in Cebu, from February 27 to 28, 2007. 
The seminars will cover a 4-in-1 security lectures on:  (1) Ethical
Hacking and Countermeasures v. 4.1 (2) Computer Hacking Forensic
Investigator (3) Network Security (4) Wireless Security.
The Summit aims to highlight Ethical Hacking, the risks and exposures
that all organizations face with regard to unauthorized intrusions and
theft on their business systems. It also highlights (Computer Forensics)
identifying intruder's footprint and tools in gathering necessary
evidence to prosecute. Network security training is designed to provide
up-to-date information and network security strategies to keep your
enterprise's computers safe from unwanted intruders. Network security
training can teach IT professionals how to identify weak spots in their
infrastructures, eliminate potential threats, and clean up should a
security breach occur. 
The featured courses were designed by EC Council Academy, a
multinational company that develops IT modules and certification
programs.  During the Summit, other EC-Council courses and
certifications will also be featured. According to Sanjay Bavisi,
president of the EC-Council, losses from cyber crime are increasing
because of improvements in automation, increasing the speed of attacks;
increasingly sophisticated attack tools, and the increasing permeability
of firewalls, among other things.  He stated: "Organizations' greatest
losses because of cyber crime are now greater than those posed by
systems being attacked by viruses or worms. Among these are identity
theft and computer-generated fraud."
To sign up for the seminar: Call (632) 683-0969 / 637-3657/
0921532-8150.  Or, visit 2502B West Tower, PSE Bldg. Exchange Road,
Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Philippines 1600. You may also send an
e-mail to roselle at globalknowledgeph.com or romalyn at globalknowledgeph.com
For any questions regarding Certified Ethical Hacking (CEH) or the
Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI), please contact Ruth
Rodriguez rrodriguez at eccouncilacademy.org, www.eccouncil.org
<http://www.eccouncil.org/> , or any of the partner schools mentioned

*  About EC-Council

The International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultant (EC-Council)
develops certification programs that combine relevant education with an
examination assuring professional competency.  The Internet's rapid
evolution into electronic commerce and full-featured information
delivery system has meant that IT professionals need a new range of
skills.  EC-Council has defined those skills in terms of Internet
security, which means organizations can use their firewalls, encryption
and other security technologies to the maximum effect.  These programs
extend to website marketing, and other eclectronic commerce issues such
as internet law, intellectual property rights, domain names, and
copyright law. EC-Council conferences allow professionals to work
together to learn the latest news and counter-measures on security and
network with other members from around the world.
The EC-Council is a member-driven organisation whose members include
practitioners from all levels of various fields and in a broad range of
industries.  Some of theses members include Erik Laykin Pacific Rim,
FBI/Infragard and Eric Yocam, Microsoft Corporation.  The EC-Council
also has had some high profile testimonials from Novell (Canada), the
Ministry of Defense (UK), the Royal Navy (UK), the US Army (Germany),
Saudi Aramco (Saudi Arabia) and the National Bank of Kuwait (Kuwait).

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