[Pkg-exppsy-maintainers] Default python in Debian lenny

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Thu Jan 10 04:48:55 UTC 2008

To get an idea why python2.5 is not default yet you can look at
for instance ;-)

probably the list of 'bad' packages shortened since then

it would also clarify why there is no simple way to just make python2.5
default -- some packages don;t have support for more than 1 version of
python, thus simply changing a symlink or relinking /usr/bin/python
would only bring them to nowhere.

But I can be wrong (as usual) ;-) May be those packages could have
python's version hardcoded in the headers or somewhere else...
Let me ask python people mailing list to clarify it...

> 2.4, but I would really like to select 2.5. There is no update
> alternative for it, which is how it works in ubuntu, and if I change
> the symlink apt complains madly.

apt-get update

said nothing to me when I symlinked python to 2.5

> Is 2.4 still the default in lenny?  It's not crucial crucial, but I'd
> like to switch the default properly.
afaik there is no "proper" way... alternatives in ubuntu is probably again
another eyecandy which at the end might cost an eye unless Debian people fix
it properly before too late ;-P

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