[Pkg-exppsy-maintainers] The future of PyEPL

Yaroslav Halchenko debian at onerussian.com
Tue Jan 29 21:32:33 UTC 2008

well... imho complete recoding is A LOT OF WORK ;-) Thus I am not sure
if it is worth it at the moment... unless you have lots of spare time

> In fact, one of the main problems with the current pyepl is that it is
> NOT modular at all.  You pretty much have to load everything to use
> anything.  That's why I'm reluctant to refactor the current pyepl to
> use pyglet.  Instead, if we are going to take the time at all to make
> any significant changes, it would probably be better to code it up
> from scratch (obviously drawing on existing code), but with a
> completely modular design from the start.

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