[Pkg-exppsy-maintainers] Gearing up for PyEPL release

Per B. Sederberg persed at princeton.edu
Tue Jul 22 16:08:23 UTC 2008

Hi Folks:

I'm gearing up for a PyEPL release.  The last before a larger overhaul
that will include a major refactor and, hopefully, Windows support.
This release actually has a load of very important changes (we now
have a changelog in there, for one.)

I'd like your input on some issues going forward.  Greg has been
pushing for a long time (and he is absolutely right and we are remiss
for not doing this earlier) that we need a wiki to help build a
community of users pushing sample code and other exciting tidbits.  We
currently have a mailing list / forum on sourceforge and that's where
we post our releases.  I'm not blown away by their wiki and I'm
getting more and more annoyed by the massive amount of distracting ads
(I realize they are providing a great service and must pay for what
they are providing.)

As you know, the PyEPL source is now hosted under git at alioth, which
I'm happy to keep.  I personally like the mailing list and issue
tracking provided by google code far more than what I've seen us use
on alioth.  Google code also has a minimal wiki that would suffice.  I
certainly don't want to move over to svn (even as git-svn), so that is
not a big worry in any way.

So, here's one proposal: We move the forum/mailing list over to google
code and start using their wiki, too.  We would still need to figure
out where to put a pyepl website, which is currently also hosted on
sourceforge.  We would then post tarballs and installs there, as well.

The good would be that it's more centralized, the bad is that we would
not be completely centralized and there may be complaints about using
google code.

If you have the chance, please chime in with opinions about this along
with alternatives that we have not fully explored (such as
github.com)...  I'd love to know how close we can get with alioth,
too.  The basic desire is to get a more unified home for the PyEPL
with a website, wiki, forum/mailing list, bug/issue tracking,
releases, ...


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