[Pkg-exppsy-maintainers] Bug#560606: Epydoc patch (Debian bug #561793)

Kenneth Pronovici pronovic at ieee.org
Thu Dec 31 04:50:28 UTC 2009


Ok, I have finally had time to review your patch and test it.   Sorry this
took me a while.

This bug is now linked with 560624, 560659 and 560606, which are FTBFS bugs
for python-couchdb, dbus-python and pymvpa.  I was able to reproduce the
build problems with those packages using python-epydoc 3.0.1-3 and
python-docutils 0.6-2 (both from unstable).

After applying your patch, the build problems went away for python-couchdb
and dbus-python.  The pymvpa build exposed one other piece of code where a
".data" element is referenced, so I made a similar change there.  (A new
patch is attached.)

I can't confirm that the documentation looks exactly correct in each of the
packages I tested, but I spot-checked it and it does look reasonable.

I haven't heard back from Edward (upstream), so that leaves it up to me.
The patch shouldn't have any impact on behavior except when the ".data"
attribute is missing, so it feels fairly safe.  I tend to think the result
with the patch in place is much better than just blowing up.    So, I am
going to apply it for Debian version 3.0.1-4, which I will upload later
tonite.  I will also update the SF bug to reference this Debian bug (and the
patch), in case Edward wants to put into the upstream release.

To the other Debian maintainers: please let me know if you see any problems
with the documentation that has been generated for your packages.  I can
always fall this change back if needed.



Kenneth J. Pronovici <pronovic at ieee.org>
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