[Pkg-exppsy-maintainers] Yahoo and Google Advertising Service

Ivan Lee sales at asiamediagroup.hk
Thu Jul 21 10:14:25 UTC 2011

ÓHÛµÄî™¿Í ,

žéÅäºÏYahoo /Google ËÑŒ¤·þ„Õƒž»Ý ,
±¾¹«Ë¾¬FÕýžé¸÷¬FÓп͑ôÌṩÃâÙMV¸æ·ÖÎö ,ÐИIÒâÒŠ ,

®”ÖаüÀ¨ (Yahoo, Google, Baidu and Sogou), ׌“ÔÚ¿Í‘ôÐèÒªÙF¹«Ë¾·þ„յĕrºî ,   ¿ÉÒÔµÚÒ»•régÅcÄゃ“½j 


¬F·²ì¶7Ô 30 ÈÕ Ç° , ¿Í‘ô¼Óé_V¸æµ½ Yahoo,Google, Baidu and Sogou µÈ¾WÕ¾
¸üÃâÙMËÍÙ›¶à 1‚€ÔÂÃâÙMV¸æ·þ„Õ

šgÓ­²éÔƒ !  V¸æ²éÔƒ : 8228-6118
Ivan Lee 
Assistance Sales Manager
Asia Media Strategy Group Limited
Asia Media Strategy Group Limited  Suite 1501, Millennium City, Tower 5, 418 Kwun Tong Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong
†ÖޏV¸æ²ßÂÔ¼¯ˆFÓÐÏÞ¹«Ë¾ Ïã¸Û¾ÅýˆÓ^ÌÁ„“¼oÖ®³ÇÎåÆÚ1501ÊÒ         
 ëŠÔ’:2961-4253  sales at asiamediagroup.hk
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