[Pkg-fedora-ds-maintainers] [Ubuntu-389-directory-server] GIT, pushing new 389ds packages to the launchpad PPA (for oneiric)

Roberto Polli rpolli at babel.it
Wed Oct 12 21:00:03 UTC 2011

Hi Timo.

disclaimer: I only use Lucid, so what I say may not apply to other ubuntu 

> you mean there would be bugs with openldap < 2.4.26?
while building latest 389ds I had an error for a missing ldif.h file (in 

This file is contained i a path Rich sent to openldap, and has been applied in 
a further release: from here it seems to be provided by 2.4.26  
but I can't exclude that ubuntu merged everything in the  2.4.25ubuntu (in 
that case that's fine).

> has built against openldap since October last year (1.2.7-0.2.a2). Did
I successfully rebuilt from scratch libldap downloading the latest 2.4.26 and 
everything built fine and running. I didn't ever try the 2.4.25 - but if 
you're sure it builds then it's ok to stay @2.4.25.

Let me know + Peace,
Roberto Polli
Project Manager
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