[Pkg-fedora-ds-maintainers] Bug#681543: Bug#681543: 389-ds-base: Should drop debian/po

Timo Aaltonen tjaalton at ubuntu.com
Thu Jul 19 20:15:59 UTC 2012

19.07.2012 00:30, Christian PERRIER kirjoitti:
> Quoting Timo Aaltonen (tjaalton at ubuntu.com):
>>> Your package still has a debian/po directory while it doesn't have
>>> debconf templates anymore. This confuses l10n status tools,
>>> particularly status pages.
>>> Could you remove that directory so that this no longer happens?
>> Totally. Fixed in git.
> An upload, if possible, would be great, as all our i18n/l10n
> infrastructure is based on what's in the archive. That would
> definitely avoid having some translator working on that "translation
> to do" while there is nothing to do.

I've pushed the release to git, and copied the files for sponsoring
here, so run:

dget http://koti.kapsi.fi/~tjaalton/tmp/389-ds-base_1.2.11.7-4.dsc

to get them. Thanks :)


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