[Pkg-fedora-ds-maintainers] 389-admin-console: Changes to 'refs/tags/debian/1.1.8-1'

Juan Gregorio Hernando Rivero ghe at alioth.debian.org
Fri Jun 29 14:44:11 UTC 2012

Tag 'debian/1.1.8-1' created by Ghe Rivero <ghe at debian.org> at 2012-06-29 14:43 +0000

Debian release 1.1.8-1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since the dawn of time:
Endi S. Dewata (1):
      Bug 368481 - Unable to change Admin Server log paths in Console

Ghe Rivero (1):
      Release distribution changed to unstable

Nathan Kinder (8):
      Resolves: 247525
      Resolves: 250699
      Resolves: 251427
      Related: 251427
      Added ldapjdk default path as well as settable path.
      Use less restrictive version of Open Publication License for online help docs.
      Resolves: 379211
      Bug 668950 - Add posix group support to Console

Noriko Hosoi (8):
      [191832] Admin Server password always remembers initial password on (part 2)
      Resolves: #379191
      Resolves: #159011
      Resolves: #416311
      Resolves: #400341
      Bug 151705 - Need to update Console Cipher Preferences with new ciphers
      Bug 211296 - Clean up all HTML pages (Admin Express, Repl Monitor, etc)
      Bug 476925 - Admin Server: Do not allow 8-bit passwords for

Rich Megginson (26):
      Initial import of admin server console into its own module
      use admserv instead of as for jar file names
      remove improperly added binary files
      correctly add binary files
      bump version to 1.0.3
      fix symlinks
      Resolves: bug 400361
      updated spec for Fedora DS 1.1 release
      Resolves: bug 428364
      Bug 428364
      bump version to 1.1.2 - disable sslv2 in the ui
      this is the 1.1.2 release
      Resolves: bug 452596
      Resolves: bug 429514
      Resolves: bug 166230
      change version to 1.1.3
      for the 1.1.3 release
      Rename to 389
      these files should be mode 644
      change version to 1.1.4 - add doc subpackage - relicense under plain gplv2
      bump version to 1.1.5
      bump version to 1.1.6
      bump version to 1.1.7
      admin-version is unused
      Bug 723126 - Configure Admin Server -> Connection Restriction --> Add Screen is flicking consistently.
      bump version to 1.1.8

Timo Aaltonen (20):
      Merge commit '389-admin-console-1.1.5' into debian-unstable
      Merge branch 'upstream' into debian
      control: Wrap the *depends.
      compat, control: Bump the compat, debhelper build-dep.
      control: Build using openjdk-6.
      rules: Switch to dh.
      drop duplicate java builddep
      remove obsolete .links
      control: Change the section to java.
      control: Add quilt to build-depends.
      copyright: Use DEP5 format.
      control: Update the description.
      control: Add 389-admin to Depends.
      fill ITP bugnum
      fix syntax error in copyright
      control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no changes.
      reverse the order of java depends
      update the maintainer address
      Override some lintian warnings.
      watch: Fix the url.

mbaldessari-guest (7):
      Creating trunk directory
      [svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk
      * changes
      Fix package content to actually contain the jars after the rename
      * Move to 3.0 quilt source format
      * Cleanups on adminutil
      * New upstream

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