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389-ds-base ( unstable; urgency=low
  [ Timo Aaltonen ]
  * New upstream release.
  * watch: Fix the url.
  * patches/remove_license_prompt: Dropped, included upstream.
  * patches/default_user: Refreshed.
  * control: Change the VCS header to point to the git repository.
  * control: Rename last remnants of Fedora to 389.
  * changelog, control: Be consistent with the naming; renamed the source
    to just '389-ds-base', which matches upstream tarball naming.
  * control: Wrap Depends.
  * compat, control: Bump compat to 9, and debhelper build-dep to (>= 9).
  * rules: Switch to dh.
  * Move dirsrv.lintian to dirsrv.lintian-overrides, adjust dirsrv.install.
  * *.dirs: Clean up.
  * control: Build-depend on dh-autoreconf, drop duplicate bdeps.
  * Fold dirsrv-tools into the main package.
  * Build against libldap2-dev (>= 2.4.28).
  * Rename binary package to 389-ds-base.
  * -dev.install: Install the pkgconfig file.
  * rules: Enable PIE hardening.
  * Add a default file, currently sets LD_BIND_NOW=1.
  * control: 'dbgen' uses old perl libs, add libperl4-corelibs-perl
    dependency to 389-ds-base.
  * rules: Add --fail-missing for dh_install, remove files not needed
    and make sure to install the rest.
  * rules, control: Fix the installation name of ds-logpipe.py, add
    python dependency to 389-ds-base..
  * libns-dshttpd is internal to the server, ship it in 389-ds-base.
  * Rename libdirsrv{-dev,0} -> 389-ds-base-{dev,libs}, includes only
    libslapd and headers for external plugin development.
  * control: Breaks/Replaces old libdirsrv-dev/libdirsrv0/dirsrv.
  * Drop hyphen_used_as_minus, applied upstream.
  * copyright: Use DEP5 format.
  * Cherry-pick upstream commit ee320163c6 to get rid of unnecessary
    and non-free MIB's from the tree, and build a dfsg compliant tarball.
  * lintian-overrides: Update, create one for -libs.
  * Fix the initscript to create the lockdir, and refactor code into separate
  * Drop obsolete entries from copyright, and make it lintian clean.
  * debian/po: Refer to the correct file after rename.
  * control: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no changes.
  * postinst: Drop unused 'lastversion'.
  * patches: Add DEP3 compliant headers.
  * rules, postinst: Add an error handler function for dh_installinit, so
    that clean installs don't fail due to missing configuration.
  * postinst: Run the update tool.
  * dirsrv.init:
    - Make the start and stop functions much simpler and LSB compliant
    - Fix starting multiple instances
    - Use '-b' for start-stop-daemon, since ns-slapd doesn't detach properly
  * control: Add 389-ds metapackage.
  * control: Change libdb4.8-dev build-depends to libdb-dev, since this version
    supports db5.x.
  * 389-ds-base.prerm: Add prerm script for removing installed instances on
  [ Krzysztof Klimonda ]
  * dirsrv.init:
    - return 0 code if there are no instances configured and tweak message
      so it doesn't indicate a failure.

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