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tagging package 389-admin version debian/1.1.35-1
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Endi S. Dewata (4):
      Bug 368481 - Unable to change Admin Server log paths in Console
      Bug 573889 - Migration does not remove deprecated schema
      Bug 644929 - FDS to 389 DS migration results in both Fedora and 389 entries
      Bug 470576 - Migration could do addition checks before commiting actions

Mark Reynolds (3):
      Ticket #286 - compilation fixes for 'format-security'
      Ticket 401 - Console login fails with anonymous access disabled
      Ticket 400 - BIND operation result not checked properly in admin server

Nathan Kinder (103):
      removed SNMP, updated components, and added rebranded graphics
      150479 - SHLIB_PATH setting incorrect on HP-UX
      Update components and use new RHEL platform naming
      Pick up new nescore component
      Pick up new nescore component
      Changes to use IBM JRE
      Branding fixes
      Use zip instead of compress for packaging
      Use gzip instead of zip for packaging uxmcc.tar
      Fix JSS component path
      Removed unneccesary package that was failing on Windows
      Update doc packaging for windows build failure
      Pull components from component area instead on integration
      Package ICU resource bundle
      Fixed whitespace issue
      Need to put resource bundle in proper directory
      Need to create res directory for packaging
      Fixed packaging makefile error
      Pick up new components and package Cgistub
      Don't package ns-common-schema.conf
      Removed legacy plugin info
      154855 - Don't package Ant jars
      Update consolesdk component
      Updated NESCORE component
      Pick up new components
      171667 - Pick up new console component and enable fedora component pulling
      172812 - Don't overwrite ANT_HOME on on external builds.  Also don't package ant jarfiles in the console java directory.
      Admin Express cgi needs NESCompatEnv set for help to work
      Resolves: 245665
      Resolves: 245665
      Resolves: 246020
      Summary: Fixed an annoying typo in a comment.
      Resolves: 247283
      Resolves: 251418
      Resolves: 251418
      Resolves: 253760
      Resolves: 258341
      Resolves: 370071
      Resolves: 370071
      Resolves: 445305
      Resolves: 430364
      Resolves: 430364
      Resolves: bug 486402
      Get rundir from sysconfig script.
      Add SELinux policy module for Admin Server.
      Allow httpd to write user tmp files.
      Make check for threaded httpd work with Apache 2.0
      Bug 460209 - Correct configure help message
      Bug 570912 - Avoid selinux context conflict with httpd
      Change parsing of start-slapd for instance name
      Bug 570912 - dirsrv-admin SELinux module fails to install on F-13
      Bug 601865 - Add missing man pages
      Fix perl URL parsing code to work with OpenLDAP.
      Bug 594745 - Get rid of dirsrv_lib_t label
      Bug 648949 - Merge selinux policy into base OS
      Regenerated autoconf files
      Bug 638511 - dirsrv-admin crashes at startup with SELinux enabled
      Bug 668950 - Add posix group support to Console
      Bug 672468 - Don't use empty path elements in LD_LIBRARY_PATH
      Bug 618897 - Wrong permissions when creating instance from Console
      Bug 493424 - remove unneeded modules for admin server apache config
      Bug 614690 - Don't use exec to call genrb
      Bug 699815 - (cov#10859) Add missing braces in mod_admserv code
      Bug 699815 - (cov#10858) getenv() called twice in viewlog cgi
      Bug 699815 - (cov#10849,10851) Remove unused variables
      Bug 699907 - (cov#10844) Uninitialized time struct
      Bug 699907 - (cov#10843) Use of uninitialized variable in logging code
      Bug 699907 - (cov#10840) Use of uninitialized buffer in security cgi
      Bug 699907 - (cov#10836) Use of uninitialized var in http conn code
      Bug 699907 - (cov#10833) Use of uninitialized vars in SNMP code
      Bug 700532 - (cov#10832) Incorrect if condition in dsalib
      Bug 700875 - (cov#10778) Cleanup ds_bring_up_server_install() in dsalib
      Bug 700890 - (cov#10812) Check return value of open() properly in libadmin
      Bug 700948 - (cov#10846) - Use of uninitialized variable in mod_admserv
      Bug 700948 - (cov#10845) Use of uninitialized variable in mod_admserv
      Bug 700948 - (cov#10839) Use of uninitialized variable in security cgi
      Bug 700948 - (cov#10837) Use of uninitialized variable in monreplication
      Bug 700948 - (cov#10835) Use of unitialized pointer in config cgi
      Bug 700948 - (cov#10813) dynamic overrun possibility in ds_listdb cgi
      Bug 700948 - (cov#10842) Use of unintialized variable in statusping
      Bug 700948 - (cov#10842) Use of unintialized variable in statusping
      Bug 702150 - (cov#10823) File descriptors leaked in help cgi
      Bug 702150 - (cov#10822,10821) file descriptor leaks in config cgi
      Bug 702150 - (cov#10820,10819) file descriptor leaks in readlog cgi
      Bug 702150 - leak of config array in dsalib
      Bug 702150 - (cov#10816) file descriptor leak in dsalib
      Bug 702150 - (cov#10817) Leak of string in libdsa
      Bug 702150 - Resouce leaks in htmladmin.c
      Bug 702705 - (cov#10830) NULL pointer dereference in htmladmin
      Bug 702705 - NULL pointer dereferences in viewlog cgi
      Bug 702705 - (cov#10803) NULL pointer dereference in security cgi
      Bug 702705 - (cov#10785) NULL pointer dereference in ds_snmpctrl
      Bug 702705 - (cov#10784,10783) NULL pointer dereferences in dsalib
      Bug 719056 - migrate-ds-admin.pl needs to update SELinux policy
      Bug 724808 - startup CGIs write temp file to /
      Bug 730079 - Update SELinux policy during upgrades
      Ticket #329 - Port modules to httpd 2.4
      Ticket #47333 - Relabel lockfile when starting Admin Server
      Ticket #47334 - Avoid quoting all settings in console.conf
      Ticket 47468 - Change security password validation error is out of order
      Ticket 47466 - Importing CA cert with existing name crashes security CGI
      Ticket 362 - Directory Console generates insufficient key strength
      Ticket 47467 - Improve CRL import error messages

Noriko Hosoi (110):
      bugzilla 147535: De-brand the Administration Server as "brandx"
      [147535] Brand the Administration Server as "Fedora"
      WARNING: This is a space holder for the license file.
      removed obsolete URLs.
      switching ext/int in components.mk
      updated copyright string.
      Removed "return home" to home.netscape.com.
      Introduced a gmake macro BUILD_MODE (= ext or int) to control packaging/non-packaging Admin Server guide.
      [147522] Brand the Admin SDK as "Fedora"
      Put 'scrollbars=yes' for showing the scrollbars on Firefox.
      1) ant 1.6.2; 2) DBM_1_61_RTM; 3) NSS_3_9_3_RTM; 4) LDAP C SDK v5.14; 5) JSS_3_5_1_RTM
      Pick up docs from the component area; (need to remove admserv/manual/help/manual
      package <nescore>/bin/https/dtds; developer.netscape.com used to host for the NES dtd files, but it was shutdown after the Red Hat acquisition.  Now we are switching to have the dtd files in the server package.
      - picking up the latest consolesdk from /s/b/sbsintegration
      Removed the dependency on the rule: pkguxSNMP.
      typo for BUILD_MODE.
      1) pick up new setupsdk, consolesdk.
      Changed "{Fedora,Red Hat} Project" to "{Fedora Project,Red Hat} Home Page" on the admin main page.
      [154431] Security package requests from Cert Team; added .chk files
      [154431] Security package requests from Cert Team
      [148004] Rebranding: new Contact info / URLs
      [154189] picking up the new consolesdk 20050512
      [169320] Admin Server branding mismatches
      [164401] Clean up Admin Server build
      171942 – Change Admin Server version to 1.0
      Adjusted Admin Util and Console build path for the external build.
      [175418] Admin Server ns-update crashes if necessary attribute-value is not given
      [179394] HP-UX IPF support (adminserver)
      [Bug 186105] Admin Server Makefile updates for Internal build
      [186105] Admin Server Makefile updates for Internal build
      [186105] Admin Server Makefile updates for Internal build
      [186105] Admin Server Makefile updates for Internal build
      [186105] Admin Server Makefile updates for Internal build
      Picking up new AdminUtil, SetupUtil, and Console.
      [186105] Admin Server Makefile updates for Internal build
      Picking up new console.
      [186642] Directory Server Makefile updates for Internal build
      Updated SETUPUTIL_RELDATE to 20060405.
      [161099] admin passwd in clear text in adm.conf
      [161099] admin passwd in clear text in adm.conf
      Added NSPR libraries to the dependency (ns-update).  (fixed the build)
      [195258] Changes for the internal build
      [195258] Changes for the internal build
      [191832] Admin Server password always remembers initial password on (part 2)
      [195258] Changes for the internal build:
      [195258] Changes for the internal build
      [195258] Changes for the internal build
      [195258] Changes for the internal build; comment#14
      Resolves: #237356
      Resolves: #237356
      Removed an unnecessary entry.
      Resolves: 237356
      Resolves: #244325
      Resolves: 237356
      Resolves: #237356
      Resolves #244715
      Resolves: #237356
      Resolves: #244749
      Resolves: #244749
      Resolves: #244749
      Resolves: #244749
      Resolves: #244749
      Resolves: #244749
      Resolves: #244749
      Resolves: #244749
      Resolves: #247215
      Resolves: #247215
      Resolves: #246683
      resolves: #247215
      resolves: #249739
      Resolves: #203999
      Resolves: #214276
      Resolves: #251090
      Resolves: # 251595
      Resolves: #252190
      Resolves: #253811
      Resolves: #273501
      One character fix: added ';'
      Resolves: #251090
      Resolves: #357501
      Resolves: #411231
      Resolves: #191779
      Resolves: #191834
      Resolves: #476096
      Resolves: #476096
      setup-ds-admin.pl Fix for objectclass violation
      490997 Obsolete ACI in o=netscaperoot
      560827 -  Admin Server templates: DistinguishName validation fails
      560827 -  Admin Server: DistinguishName validation fails
      Bug 151705 - Need to update Console Cipher Preferences with new ciphers
      start-ds-admin.in -- replaced "return 1" with "exit 1"
      Bug 616260 - libds-admin-serv linking fails due to unresolved link-time dependencies
      Bug 618858 - move start-ds-admin env file into main admin server
      Bug 387981 - plain files can be chosen on the Restore Directory dialog
      Bug 604881 - admin server log files have incorrect permissions/ownerships
      Bug 604881 - admin server log files have incorrect permissions/ownerships
      Bug 245278 - Changing to a password with a single quote does not work
      Bug 211296 - Clean up all HTML pages (Admin Express, Repl Monitor, etc)
      Bug 158926 - Unable to install CA certificate when using
      Bug 476925 - Admin Server: Do not allow 8-bit passwords for the admin user
      Bug 476925 - Admin Server: Do not allow 8-bit passwords for
      Trac Ticket #307 - htmladmin keeps segfaulting
      If htmladmin fails to connect to the server, the cgi could crash.
      Ticket #293 - remove-ds-admin.pl does not remove everything
      Ticket #476 - 389 ds do not start on F18 due to missing modules
      bump version to 1.1.31
      Ticket #567 - Restart of Admin server from console fails on segfault
      bump version to 1.1.32
      bump version to 1.1.33
      bump version to 1.1.34

Rich Megginson (277):
      added config file templates
      added functions to replace tokens in template scripts and config files
      Bug(s) fixed: 163375
      Bug(s) fixed: 163624
      Bug(s) fixed: 163714
      Bug(s) fixed: 163730
      Bug(s) fixed: 164401
      removing unused files
      removed unused files
      removing unused files
      removed unused files
      removed unused files
      removed unused files
      Bug(s) fixed: 166273
      Bug(s) fixed: 166380
      fix build breakage on RHEL3 - do not need admin server dsgw stuff anymore
      Bug(s) fixed: 167325
      Bug(s) fixed: 167345
      Bug(s) fixed: 167865
      Bug(s) fixed: 167866
      Bug(s) fixed: 167867
      Bug(s) fixed: 167867
      Bug(s) fixed: 167869
      Bug(s) fixed: 169155
      fix some internal build related issues
      change binary directory naming convention to the same one we use with pre-built binary components; remove old crufty Fortezza stuff; general makefile cleanup
      use open source console help docs
      replace the incorrect one with the correct fedora branded graphic
      by default, use the console ldapjdk.jar and JSS for building and packaging admin server
      Bug(s) fixed: 171066
      Bug(s) fixed: 172249
      Bug(s) fixed: 172402
      Bug(s) fixed: 172816
      allow developers to build an adminserver with the 3 Apache modules included for convenience but not packaging
      put the Apache modules back into the packaging - the gpl is compatible with the apl in this specific instance - also enable using ant and java from PATH by default for external builds
      Add the create CGI to the list of CGIs which mod_restartd is allowed to execute.
      Admin server post install was core dumping in express mode because it did
      1) default cert name is server-cert not Server-Cert
      Write changes to console.conf, not nss.conf
      Make sure the server uid owns the config directory and the other config files
      Package libjss3.so in lib, not lib/jss
      patch file to convert admin server version 1.0 files to version 1.0.1
      patch to convert libldap- to libldap
      Bug(s) fixed: 174837
      Bump version from 1.0 to 1.0.1
      do not overwrite the dynamic console.conf file when upgrading
      Bug(s) fixed: 175187
      Change packaging so that either the old style adminutil properties or the
      make sure /opt/fedora-ds/shared/lib is used for shared libs used by the console
      whoops - I left the - at the beginning of the mkdir command
      look for the java command in java_home/bin
      bug 175170
      It's a little bit tricky.  The base package is a dependency of both the main admin server package and the directory server package.  However, it works if you just create a zero length .zip file for the base archive - you get a warning when running setup, but everything installs correctly.  While it's not perfect (it will be addressed for the next major release) it will at least allow those developers who do not want to use java at all to build and install.
      Use NSS 3.11 and NSPR 4.6.1 - This requires packaging the new freebl3
      Use NSPR 4.6.1 and NSS 3.11 - this requires new freebl3 libraries at runtime
      Wan-Teh pointed out that the platform specific freebl libs are needed _instead of_ libfreebl3, not _in addition to_.  So, set the list of platform specific freebl libs and add them to the list of libs to package.
      The correct naming convention for RHEL is
      NSPLATFORM_DIR is set differently for linux than for other platforms
      1) Fix moz objdir name for generic linux x86_64
      Added httpd-2.2.conf.tmpl - Apache 2.2 uses different modules than 2.0 for auth/authz
      Apache 2.2 uses different modules for auth/authz than 2.0.  This change allows admin server post install to figure out what version of Apache is being used (via httpd -v) and select the appropriate httpd.conf template file based on that version.
      Change admin server version to 1.0.2
      replace %%% tokens with the real default paths, otherwise patch won't work
      Still need the console ld lib path patch for startconsole
      still need the console ld libpath patch for startconsole
      Have to add back softokn3 to the link line - adminutil, setuputil, and ldapsdk didn't remove them as dependencies, so the linker forces it to be present at link time.
      remove hardcoded reference to /home/rich - should be %%%sroot%%%
      patch file for upgrading from 1.0.1 - fixes the use of admpw for basic auth
      added patch file for upgrading from 1.0.1 - fixes the use of admpw for basic auth
      this patch fixes the use of admpw in the actual config file - the previous patch only fixes the template
      added admserv-conf-admpw.patch to patch the real config file - the previous patch only patches the template config file
      Bug(s) fixed: 186280
      Bug: 186280
      Bug: 192785
      admin server console has been moved to top level admservconsole
      These files are obsolete.
      renamed util.cpp to nscputil.cpp to avoid object/file naming conflict in autoconf builds
      removed admconf.c admserv.c pasword.c
      renamed the files from .h to .html - they are html files after all
      remove obsolete files
      remove obsolete files
      remove obsolete files
      remove obsolete files
      bump version to 1.0.3
      use new ldapcsdk 6.0.0; upgrade other components
      Bug(s) fixed: 210180
      use libldap60 in preload
      assume the ld_preload thing has already been patched by installing or upgrading to fds102 - this patch only upgrades libldap50 to libldap60 from now on
      startconsole has changed for fds103, so the patch needs to change too
      Now that the LDAP C SDK is linked with SASL by default, other executables
      Resolves: bug 210916
      Resolves: bug 239502, bug 186280
      rename scripts to x-ds-admin; fix uid change in config.c; remove obsolete snmp CGIs
      Resolves: bug 239502
      Resolves: bug 239502
      Resolves: bug 239502
      Resolves: bug 239502
      Resolves: bug 239502
      Resolves: bug 239502
      Resolves: bug 237356
      Resolves: bug 237356
      Resolves: bug 237356
      Resolves: bug 237356
      remove obsolete files
      Resolves: bug 245214
      Resolves: bug 245214
      Resolves: bug 244749
      Resolves: bug 245815
      Resolves: bug 246683
      Resolves: bug 245815
      Resolves: bug 248145
      Resolves: bug 248184
      Resolves: bug 248145
      Resolves: bug 248145
      remove obsolete files and directories
      remove obsolete files
      remove obsolete files; make sure all adminserver files are branded plain old GPLv2, instead of GPL + exception like directory server
      remove AC_FUNC_REALLOC - breaks build in HPUX
      need to set icu_libdir
      need to set icu_libdir for the --with-icu case too
      Resolves: bug 250324
      Resolves: bug 250535
      fix build breakage on rhel4
      Reviewed by: nkinder (Thanks!)
      Resolves: bug 251549
      Resolves: bug 252190
      Resolves: bug 252190
      remove curses
      Resolves: bug 288451
      Resolves: bug 288451
      Resolves: bug 295001
      Resolves: bug 299261
      Resolves: bug 304081
      Resolves: bug 315731
      Resolves: bug 248169
      since we use the start script to start admin, we source the
      Resolves: bug 317591
      Resolves: bug 317651
      Resolves: bug 367941
      added spec files
      Resolves: bug 186280
      Resolves: bug 383301
      Resolves: bug 368481
      Resolves: bug 400421
      Resolves: bug 407011
      Resolves: bug 400221
      Resolves: bug 420751
      update to version 1.1.1
      Resolves: bug 425861
      Resolves: bug 425849
      Resolves: bug 426056
      Resolves: bug 249548
      Resolves: CVE-2008-0892 and 437320
      Resolves: bug 448366
      Resolves: bug 431103
      Reviewed by: nkinder (Thanks!)
      Reviewed by: nkinder (Thanks!)
      removing dead code
      bump version to 1.1.6
      Resolves: bug 431103
      Resolves: bug 451702
      Resolves: bug 448366
      update for version 1.1.6
      Resolves: bug 462411
      Resolves: bug 470946
      Fix various compiler warnings about define redefinitions, unused functions/variables, wrong types being cast, etc.
      Resolves: bug 209242
      Resolves: bug 426439
      initial version 1.1.7 commit
      Resolves: bug 480869
      Resolves: bug 480869
      Resolves: bug 483276
      Resolves: bug 468474
      Resolves: bug 166230
      Resolves: bug 480869
      actually add the -y argument
      for the 1.1.7 release
      Resolves: bug 493989
      bump rev
      Resolves: bug 494980
      bump version for bug fix
      rename to 389
      Link libds-admin-serv with NSPR to avoid rpmlint missing weak symbol errors
      Add more libs for libds-admin-serv to resolve rpmlint issues
      yet more link issues with libds-admin-serv
      change license from gplv2+ to plain gplv2
      added 389-admin.spec
      get rid of obsolete functions
      bump version to 1.1.8 for fedora review
      bump spec version to 1.1.8 for fedora review
      use 389-adminutil instead of adminutil
      Add support for new ds base update framework
      Running setup-ds-admin.pl -u on replica with ldaps chokes on CA cert
      389-ds-base/glibmm24: conflicting perl provides
      setup-ds-admin.pl: Can't call method "getErrorString" on an undefined value at /usr/lib64/dirsrv/perl/AdminUtil.pm line 405.
      setup-ds-admin.pl should use correct default hostname + port
      Move mod_admserv and mod_restartd into adminserver
      Bump version to 1.1.10
      Allow use of unthreaded Apache
      Add support for versioning via VERSION.sh - cleanup branding
      Fix problem with genrb on F-12 and later
      bump version to 1.1.10.a2
      Allow configure to find genrb correctly on all platforms
      this is version 1.1.10.a4
      389-admin-1.1.10-0.2.a2.el5 fails to start
      this is the 1.1.10 release
      bump version to 1.1.11.a1
      bump version to 1.1.11.a2
      Bug 460162 - FedoraDS "with-FHS" installs init.d StartupScript in wrong loca
      bump version to 1.1.11.a3
      SELinux is preventing /usr/lib64/dirsrv/cgi-bin/viewlog "ioctl" access on
      start of 1.1.11.a4
      Bug 593392 - setup-ds-admin.pl -k creates world readable file
      bump to version 1.1.11.a5
      this is 1.1.11.rc1
      bump version to 1.1.11.rc2
      this is the final 1.1.11 release
      bump version to 1.1.12.a1
      initial support for openldap
      add selinux policy for dsgw
      skip LD_PRELOAD if using openldap
      add more log information if nss init fails
      add even more nss debugging
      Bug 618454 - mod_admserv should only clear NSS caches and shutdown if NSS is initialized
      bump version to 1.1.12.a2
      fix building with mozldap
      bump version to 1.1.12.a3
      fix autotool build issues with properties files
      setup-ds-admin.pl -u exits with ServerAdminID and as_uid related error
      Bug 656441 - Missing library path entry causes LD_PRELOAD error
      bump version to 1.1.13
      bump version to 1.1.14.a1
      Bug 664671 - Admin server segfault when full SSL access (http+ldap+console) required
      bump version to 1.1.14
      bump version to 1.1.15
      bump version to 1.1.16
      Bug 703990 - Support upgrade from Red Hat Directory Server
      bump version to 1.1.17
      add support for different skins
      skip rebranding current brand
      bump version to 1.1.18
      look for separate openldap ldif library
      bump version to 1.1.19
      Bug 710372 - Not able to open the Manage Certificate from DS-console
      better NSS error handling - reduce memory leaks
      fix typo in NSS_Shutdown warning message
      added tests for the security cgi
      Bug 713000 - Migration stops if old admin server cannot be stopped
      Bug 718079 - Perl errors when running migrate-ds-admin.pl
      Bug 718285 - AdminServer should use "service" command instead of start/stop/restart scripts
      bump version to 1.1.20
      bump version to 1.1.21
      handle binary upgrade
      add man pages for ds_removal and ds_unregister
      bump version to 1.1.22
      fix binary paths
      bump version to 1.1.23
      bump version to 1.1.24
      Bug 695741 - Providing native systemd file for upcoming F16 Feature Systemd
      Bug 740959 - 389-console put CA certificates into wrong database
      bump version to 1.1.25
      Bug 767823 - selinux: need to allow admin server to connect to ldap port
      bump version to 1.1.26
      Ticket #161 - Review and address latest Coverity issues
      Ticket #281 - TLS not working with latest openldap
      bump version to 1.1.27
      bump version to 1.1.28
      bump version to 1.1.29
      bump version to 1.1.30
      ignore files generated by Eclipse
      Ticket #47486 compiler warnings in adminutil, admin, dsgw
      Ticket #47465 problem with 389-adminutil detection in m4/adminutil.m4 in 389-admin and 389-dsgw
      add more debugging for SSL connection problems
      Ticket #47413 389-admin fails to build with latest httpd
      compiler warning - ldif_read_record lineno type depends on openldap version
      add Eclipse and patch files
      bump version to 1.1.35

Rob Crittenden (10):
      147495. Suppress bogus admin40_host_ip_check error message on startup.
      147519 Allow the unauthenticated retrieval of /favicon.ico
      Bug 162703
      Install an Apache-compatible configuration.
      Fix build oops.
      164525 In the stop script add kill -9 for the process group if a
      164832 Got a little carried away when cleaning up kruft in bug 162703.
      Bug(s) fixed: 165240

Timo Aaltonen (72):
      Merge commit '389-admin-1.1.23' into debian
      update the changelog
      Rewrap the builddeps and fix the VCS header.
      adm.conf, control, dirsrv-admin.init: Rename Fedora to 389.
      purge autogenerated files
      control: Wrap Depends.
      patches/compile_fixes: Removed.
      rules, control: Switch to dh, build-depend on dh-autoreconf.
      control, compat: Bump compat and debhelper build-dep to 8.
      patches/http_conf_fix: Refresh.
      refresh patches/remove_softtokn3
      rules: Use dpkg-architecture to determine if the arch is 64bit.
      rules: Add CPPFLAGS to force the use of large files (FTBFS on i386).
      format-security.patch: Add a patch to fix format-security build errors.
      Fold libds-admin-serv0 to the main package, there are no external consumers.
      fix the installation path when purgin *.la
      rules: use the real installation path
      Rename binary to 389-admin.
      Depend on 389-ds-base instead of dirsrv.
      rename the including of defaultfile back to what it was
      install to debian/tmp
      fix the name of the default-file
      install: Use wildcards instead of listing every file.
      no need to override dh_strip
      Build using multiarch paths.
      fix link creation
      Build using libldap2-dev.
      Drop unnecessary build-dep on libsvrcore-dev.
      control: drop obsolete dist:Depends
      control: drop unnecessary dep on libnss3-1d, shlibs:Depends handles it
      Revert "Fold libds-admin-serv0 to the main package, there are no external consumers."
      control: Depend on apache2.
      fix initscript installation
      be more strict about the library name on install
      rules: add missing dh_link
      Add fix-linking.patch
      Merge commit '389-admin-1.1.27' into debian-unstable
      update the changelog
      bump the libldap2-dev build-dep
      Build-depend on 389-ds-base-dev instead of libdirsrv-dev.
      fill the itp bugnum
      copyright: Use DEP5 format.
      rules: Export USE_64 for 64bit archs.
      fix-script-name-cgi.patch: Use the correct name for repl-monitor perl script.
      control: Use the team address for maintainer.
      bump debhelper build-dep to 9
      Purge debian/po and update README.Debian.
      fix lintian warning from the libldap2-dev build-dep
      copyright: fix a lintian warning
      control: Bump the Standards-Version to 3.9.3, no changes.
      Add DEP-3 headers to the patches.
      patches/speling_fixes: Drop, unnecessary.
      patches/remove_softokn3, rules: Patch dropped, fix linking in rules.
      Merge branch 'upstream-unstable' into debian-unstable
      update the version
      remove format-security.patch, included upstream
      watch: Fix the url.
      watch: Add a comment about the upstream git tree.
      finalize -1 and move previous change as -2
      add missing Uploaders: from -1
      Merge branch 'upstream-unstable' into debian-unstable
      update the changelog
      control, http_conf_fix: Migrate to apache 2.4, thanks Colin Watson! (Closes: #725701)
      add gbp.conf
      really add fix-group-name.patch
      add a changelog entry for fix-group-name.patch
      control: Bump policy to 3.9.5, no changes.
      control: Build only on linux.
      control: Update vcs-git field.
      revert building only on linux
      close a bug
      releasing package 389-admin version 1.1.35-1

cvsadm (2):
      Move Admin Server from branch to TRUNK
      Move Admin Server from branch to TRUNK

mbaldessari-guest (22):
      Creating trunk directory
      [svn-inject] Applying Debian modifications to trunk
      * Added a couple of watch files
      * Fixed depends in fedora-ds-admin
      * Fix init script and 64bit variable
      * More fixes on fedora-ds-admin, still a long way to go...
      * update
      * Prepare for fedora-ds-admin rename to 389-admin
      * Added apache2-mpm-worker as a build-dep
      * New upstream
      * Just patch Makefile.in, avoid reautotooling the whole thing
      * New upstream
      Depend on libicu44
      * Fix init script to not bail out if adm.conf is missing
      Improve README.Debian
      * Fix adm.conf file
      * Fix watch file
      Add autotools-dev to B-D
      Fix httpd*.conf.in files (wrong nss module and disable log module)
      * Add forgotten patch
      Fix success messages in dirsrv-admin.init

noriko (1):
      Ticket #47298 - remove-ds-admin.pl does not stop the admin server

svrbld (2):
      Use perl5 instead of perl for branding
      fixed windows build failure: 1) missing unzipping manual components (newinst/insadm/Makefile); 2) makefile path mismatch (mcc/nt/makefile).


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