[pkg-fgfs-crew] Bug#638233: Bug#638233: (no subject)

Ove Kåven ovek at arcticnet.no
Sat Sep 3 19:18:11 UTC 2011

Den 18. aug. 2011 23:09, skrev Julian Taylor:
> it turns out the issue can be solved by simply reordering
> the links on the commandline.

If possible, I'd prefer that issues such as this be resolved by changing 
how SimGear libraries are linked. The rules governing what libraries 
SimGear libraries link to is in debian/sorules.

It is still necessary to ensure that debian/sorules break circular 
dependencies, but circular dependencies can always be broken in at least 
two ways (by underlinking either of the libraries in conflict), and so 
perhaps a different solution can make FlightGear build without changes 
to its makefile.

The rules currently used in debian/sorules were chosen to break the 
circular dependencies in a way that allowed FlightGear and Atlas to be 
built without makefile changes, and it'd be nice if it continued to be 

I don't seem to have the time to investigate a good solution myself now, 
though, so I think I'll just ignore the problem for now. Feel free to 
investigate if you do have the time.

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