[pkg-fgfs-crew] Comments regarding simgear_2.6.0-2_i386.changes

Ove Kåven ovek at arcticnet.no
Sat Aug 4 20:00:52 UTC 2012

Den 04. aug. 2012 15:54, skrev Luca Falavigna:
> While we're at it, I noticed pkg-fgfs-crew at lists.alioth.debian.org
> asks for moderator approval.
> This is not allowed for maintainers addresses (policy §3.3), please
> change settings on Alioth.

That's not what it says in section 3.3:

"The email address given in the Maintainer control field must accept
mail from those role accounts in Debian used to send automated mails
regarding the package. This includes non-spam mail from the bug-tracking
system, all mail from the Debian archive maintenance software, and other
role accounts or automated processes that are commonly agreed on by the

Hence, requiring moderator approval for *non-role* accounts should be
OK, as long as any role accounts are auto-accepted. I believe alioth
mailing lists always auto-approves known role accounts (it certainly
worked when you used the ftpmaster account earlier), and I usually also
add other people's addresses to the auto-approval list when I approve
their posts. I've just added yours.

But disabling the mailing list moderation altogether is not acceptable,
given the amount of spam these days. If I had to, I'd rather change the
maintainer address to me personally, and away from the mailing list,
instead of disabling moderation on the mailing list. But as I understand
it, that shouldn't be necessary.

Anyway, I'll see if I can fix the package and upload a new version soon.

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